Koldfront 6 Place Setting Portable Countertop Dishwasher

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Wash up to six standard place settings on your countertop with the Koldfront 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher. Standing just over 17 inches tall, this compact countertop dishwasher has a low profile that fits comfortably under most cabinetry without permanent installation required. Extremely easy to operate, this Koldfront portable dishwasher has six wash cycles and is optimized for holding up to six place settings – with a cutlery basket and cup shelf for organization.

Compact Countertop Design:
Optimized for holding up to six place settings, this compact countertop dishwasher has a low profile that fits comfortably under most cabinetry without permanent installation required

Easy Setup:
A quick connect faucet adapter and five-foot hose to make hook-up to almost any faucet simple

Wash Cycles:
This dishwasher has six (6) wash cycles, ensuring your dishes are sparkling clean

Energy Consumption:
The dishwasher uses only 200 kilowatt hours per year – approximately 61% less energy than similar countertop dishwashers

High-Heat Dishwashing:
An internal water heater boosts this Koldfront unit’s water temperature to up to 149°F – with a stainless steel interior and heavy wash cycle to ensure spotlessly clean dishes with every wash

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 Customer Reviews

Perfect for tiny Kitchen
I love this! I have a small kitchen and it was not worth getting a built in dishwasher to lose my much needed cabinet space. We found this one and I decided to purchase it and put it in place of where my dish rack was sitting, it is about the depth of my counter top and about a little larger than the width of my previous dish rack, so I didn't miss any counter space. It is perfect! It is much bigger on the inside then I was expecting, and I can do a lot of dishes at one time. I especially love the little rack above where the cups go because it is perfect for small tupperware containers I use for my children's lunches. Also there is no need to wait for it to fill up like a full size dishwasher usually it is perfect size to fill if you do one load every evening. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and I love how there is no need to bend down like there would be for a built in dishwasher! Highly recommend!Jess
Good item, makes life easier.
It does exactly what it advertises, which is precisely what I need it to do. Very good item. Does a good job and allows me to put my feet up after dinner in my apartment that did not have a dish washer rather than slave away all night. I live alone so I so I don't have many dishes so it's the perfect size for me. My dishes can pile up tho and then I spend an hour or two washing them rather than relaxing after work when I'm exhausted. This item is making life better.Timm
Fast shipping. This dishwasher is so quiet and the dishes come out clean. The only thing I have an issue with is it doesn't dry the dishes. Other then that I would recommend buying this.Aurorac
The box on the outside wasnt damaged at all. The dishwasher itself was damaged, and dented in on the back left side. The inside smelled and looked like it was tried with water because water spots were everywhere. For the hassel of returning to a local store instead of shipping it back, we decided to deal dent and made sure it worked. It works great. But poor delivery.Madd
We have an apartment and it fits nicely on our counter top. Extremely easy to use and cleans the dishes well. We do scrape off big stuff(recommended) and cleans everything nicely. Perfect for Apartment living!!Lmonteslim

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