Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher

Brand Name Danby
Model DDW611WLED
Rating ★★★★☆ 
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Danby DDW611WLED Energy Star Countertop Electronic Dishwasher helps save money and conserve energy. With room up to 6 standard place settings this model is perfect for families. The quick connect system lets you hook it up to any kitchen tap and the 6 wash cycles will get dishes sparkling.


  • 6 place setting counter-top dishwasher
  • Low water consumption – 3.17 gallons (12 litres) during normal cycle
  • Quick connect to any kitchen tap
  • 6 wash cycles: normal, heavy, light, speed, soak, glass
  • Durable stainless steel interior
  • Convenient automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  • Electronic controls with LED display
  • Fits under most kitchen cabinets


  • Width :  55cm ( 21 10/16″ )
  • Depth :  50cm  ( 19 11/16″ )
  • Height :  43.8cm ( 17 4/16″ )

 Customer Reviews

A great portable dishwasher
This dishwasher is perfect for my family of four. Prior to receiving the item, I thought the rack was a stainless steel metal without any coating. The metal is coated so it won't scratch the dishes. I initially worried that my dishes would not fit in the machine (many people complained about this problem). My 10.75" dishes fit in the machine with more than an inch clearance from the top. Maybe other consumers tried to put the dinner dishes in the back areas of the rack and thus had difficulties. Danby instruction states one should put the dinner dishes in the front area. There are six slots for the dinner plates (6-place setting). I experimented with this machine under the following conditions: cheapest detergent (Walmart brand gel), quick rinse before loading into machine, full load, quick wash cycle (45 minutes). Under my test condition, the machine performed with barely any noise and all my dishes came out clean. The dishes were in near dry conditions within 5-10 minutes (post wash cycle). There were no leaks in the hose connection area, but I did put Teflon tape around the threads before screwing the hoses on. I hope this review was informative for you!JustMyViewpoint
The Danby dishwasher has helped my back stop hurting. I have had too much extra strain on my back lately, and was working to hard to try to get and keep my dishes clean. I wasn't achieving that task. I got the Danby dish washer instead of a back brace! After about a week of putting the dishes in the dish washer when cooking, on the quick cycle that runs for 10 minutes, my back was feeling better. It was like I had taken a whole load off of it. Using the Danby Dishwasher has given my back time to heal from the strain, and my back has gotten back strong again. So it was a good and worthwhile purchase for me. Also it's a countertop dishwasher but I have used it for a tabletop dishwasher because my kitchen counter is very small. The table sits right next to the sink, the hoses are long enough to reach and it works out perfectly space wise! If you have trouble getting the aerator off of your sink to replace it with the adapter, get the very large pair of pliers that fits all of the way around the cap to twist it off. They're about $20 at the hardware store. Remember to turn the water off and push the red button on the side of the attachment before you detach the hose from the adapter or else water will squirt in your face!LogicalIndividual
Great dishwasher
I ended up with 2 of them for Mothers day. Same item, different stores. Walmart had best price. I kept one. It is fantastic! Have used it twice a day and pleased every time. Easy to load/un-load. Sits on counter next to sink, very quiet, easy sink hook up and can use water while it is running. Received a $55 credit from electric company. It is very much a ENERGY STAR appliance. Use less water than doing by hand, have more time for second cup of coffee after meal and dishes are clean/dry and ready to be put away. I have used every setting. This thing does what it says it will do and more. I also run a rinse only at night just to keep inside fresh/clean. I put a mesh bag of cat balls in a short cycle and took out before dry cycle. Keeps them clean for kitty cat play. Like that I can pause cycle, open door then re-start same cycle. Yes! you can do flip-flops same way. Much better than washing machine/less energy used. Also had no problem with fitting dishes/pot/pans. DON'T OVER LOAD! Not any different than a washing machine. Too many of anything and nothing gets clean. Give items room so water can do its job. Even silverware needs room to get clean. If I find my self looking for space to add something I just save it for next cycle. Sometimes when we Bar-B-Q I run it twice because I may run out of room. It doesn't matter because it is quick/quiet. I leave large pans in sink waiting their turn and as it empty's in sink they get extra rinse advantage from cycle that is running. Just make sure drain is not covered. I use a few pieces of cook ware to hold pan off drain. We do take it in the RV and are going to remove the big one in the RV for a drawer base.keywestflamingo
I love it...But...
It arrived w/5 decent size dings & has a VERY slow leak at faucet adaptor (yes I used plumber's tape ;) too much of a hassle to return due to dings so I went ahead & tried it out. I spent countless hours researching several different brands of CT dishwashers & I'm happy that I chose this one because it cleaned my cruddy dishes (intentional) superbly! I will figure out something with faucet adaptor. Now if I could find a device that could load & unload dishes : ).WNClisa
I was initially unsure of it...but I Love it now!
Upon opening the box it was obviously used and returned because there were tiny amounts of spilled water inside and outside of the unit. I paid for and wanted a new one. But after easily connecting it (using teflon tape), I ran the 45 minute cycle...no leaks occurred. But, the cycle took much longer. It was about 1 hour 20 minutes to complete. I was happy with the results. The second day after making lunch I decided to try a longer cycle using cold tap water (instead of hot like the day before) because it wasn't ever made clear to me (thoroughly reading the description of the item and reading others' reviews), that this unit HEATS THE COLD TAP WATER up to 140 degrees fahrenheit. So to my huge surprise, after the prewash segment of this cycle (using cold tap water), the draining water came out piping hot. This is the point I knew I loved this product! But there's one more negative thing I'll mention. This second time I washed dishes, I set the unit for the 75 minute (1 hr. 15 min.) cycle. Unfortunately, that cycle actually took just over 2 hours to complete. But the dishes came out great!! I think it's completely worth the extra time the cycles actually take.JoshuaMontereyCA
OK for a single person
First I'd like to say that I ordered this on a Friday & it was delivered on Monday so I have to give Walmart a 5/5 rating for prompt service & it was packed extremely well. Now onto the actual product review. I didn't realize how big this actually was so I have since ordered a cart for it to go on since I live in a studio apt & can't sacrifice that much counter space for this unit. All in all it was sill cheaper then buying a portable one. While it does wash dishes just fine I find it doesn't really dry them all that well but it's ok because I would rather have to hand dry them then wash them. This unit also has to be lifted up onto your counter so you have to have some arm strength or someone to help you. Getting it out of the box was also cumbersome because it was packaged so well. Also don't expect to put a lot in it, I had a hard time getting my skillet & the glass lid to fit & I only had a fer glasses in there. For the cost it was well worth the purchase!smileycat723
enjoy purchase ... but
I bought a danby dishwasher but when i unpacked it there were dents in the side panelinghmilne
It came with a broken spray arm :(
This unit came with a broken spray arm. After it didn't work the first few times we tried it, I checked it over and found a broken part. It is on order as a warranty repair but we are disappointed because we can't use it yet!JackBeeNimble
It doesn't fit
I received this item yesterday, and it is very badly damaged. I was still going to keep it because I really needed it. I took it out of the box and discovered even more damage than I first thought. It also had water already inside of it. I thought I might have gotten a used product. I brought it into my kitchen. It did not fit under my cabinets. Needless to say I am returning it. Very disappointed. See my pics.quitashah
Basically useless.
My normal-sized Corelle dinner plates do not fit. The detergent dispenser does not release more than a 1/3 of the detergent. I'll try switching from powder to liquid. The manual, which I read completely before using this machine, says it's just fine to use either. There are only 2 of us and we have very few dishes when it comes to breakfast and lunch but that''s even a problem for this machine. For the amount of counter space it takes up, you might as well, hand wash as oppossed to the amount of electricity you will use. The complete wash cycles, even the lightest setting, takes forever. I might try setting my hot water temp higher, (which will increase my energy bill), to see if it gets the dishes cleaner. I do rinse my dishes completely before placing in the machine but that doesn't seem to help. It's also extremely loud.lissanne

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