Danby Designer DDW1899WP Full Console Portable Dishwasher Energy Star Qualified

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Brand Name Danby
Model DDW1899WP-1
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Are you seeking for portable dishwasher with full console? If you have green lifestyle then the Best Dishwasher that will meet your need is the Danby Designer DDW1899WP. By spending around $509 of your money, you can benefit a lot of exceptional features of the portable dishwasher that are user friendly but can make your work much faster to accomplish. Here is more information about DDW1899WP Full Console Portable Dishwasher that can help you more to find your dream machine.

The Portable Dishwasher Energy Star Qualified has numerous outstanding features that include:

  • Space saving and portable design. It means that the Danby dishwasher is compact but still big enough to be able to hold settings up to 8 easily. This compact product will be friendly therefore to be put in any kind of space in small house, condominium or apartment. The design is also portable that makes it convenient for moving. The dishwasher is supported by the caster wheels. This is to make sure optimum portability.
  • Handy parts. Danby Designer DDW1899WP is manufactured with careful considerations including the additions of handy features to make it more user-friendly. For example, the portable dishwasher is equipped with automatic detergent dispenser. This will allow you to dispense detergent for washing with only a single touch. Further, the product has rinse agent dispenser and softener system that is built in.
  • Energy star rated. That means the DDW1899WP Portable Dishwasher is Energy Star Qualified and therefore is friendly to our environment. The product is a typical item for green lifestyle that not only it gives powerful support to accomplish your work but also it provides feature that consider low water and electric consumption.

Who need portable dishwasher of Danby the most? Every person who has household needs a powerful dishwasher to make their life much easier. Everyone who values his or her time will get benefit from the Danby dishwasher. Furthermore, Danby Designer DDW1899WP product is good for the environment and will fit most of us who tend to support friendly environment.

There are many pros that the DDW1899WP product offers. Many that have already find their Best Dishwasher (the DDW1899WP Portable one) think that it is a great decision to buy it earlier. The product is designed to last and with arm and interior of stainless steel spray the owners will be assured that important parts of the machine will not rust, crack or chip easily. The unit is also very compact and therefore it is easy to move and can be put anywhere in the house or apartment without taking too much space.

Some of the product’s cons include its top washer arm that is a little bit too fragile. Therefore, you should not use it for hard cleaning. Putting up there a nasty pot is not recommended because the machine will then need another go. Another weakness is that the dishwasher is a little bit too small and more suitable for a single or couple with no kids. If you have several kids, working with this dishwasher makes your work becomes less efficient. Therefore, you need to think about the amount or the load of dishwashing work you have.

In short, if you need an efficient portable dishwasher for your little houses or apartments where you live only with small number of tenants, then Danby Designer DDW1899WP is most likely what you have been seeking. In terms of capability, the machine is unquestionably effective to take over your mundane tasks regarding with dishwashing. Never regret to buy it one for your place because many who have bough before you highly recommend this product.

 Customer Reviews

So far so good
After receiving and returning two broken dishwashers, same brand (both damaged beyond use or repair and obvious from the condition of the box) from another store it was with much trepidation that I tried again from Walmart. Glad I did! This one arrived in perfect condition, early, and has been meeting all expectations. Dishes are clean, set up was easy, and it is remarkably quiet when running. Of course we haven't had it very long but so far its been very good! Next time I'll try Walmart first!sendmestuff
Very efficient dishwasher
A great compact dishwasher. Hopefully, other shoppers will find the info I've included helpful in their purchase decision. Some of this information isn't included in the manual.
1. Will the dishwasher work without special dishwasher salt? Yes. The salt is recommended for hard water areas. If you have difficulty finding dishwasher salt some brands are: Finish, Soft Spring by Whirlpool, Somat and Miele. I have not used any of these brands and of course follow the directions in the manual concerning the usage.
2. Will the dishwasher work without liquid rinse aid? Yes. I use Finish All-In-One tablets, so it includes the rinse aid. The Finish tablets will fit in the main detergent dispenser with the flap closed. The light will illuminate on the dishwasher while the liquid rinse aid dispenser is empty.
3. How do you know when the cycle is complete? When the drying light flashes (4th red light from the left) water will intermittently drain. At the end of the cycle the unit will beep 4 or 5 times then the drying light will go out.
4. The faucet adapter included is only for internal threaded faucets. If you have a faucet with the threads on the outside then you'll need to acquire the appropriate adapter. Also, if you have a sink sprayer, it is not recommended that you have the sink sprayer and dishwasher connected as the sink sprayer may burst. You can acquire a 1/4" (typical for most sprayers) brass cap. This is if your sink has a separate sprayer and not the kind built into the faucet. Total installation time was about 5 minutes.
5. Is there a heating element in this model? Yes.
6. What is the tub material type? Stainless steel. The sprayer arm in the bottom of the unit is also stainless steel.
7. Are the dishes completely dry after a cycle? Most dishes are dry but not all. Like other brands of dishwashers I believe this unit performs similar to Bosch in that the dishwasher uses residual heat to finish drying the dishes. Some plastics and items like the tops of cups will have some water but this isn't an issue for me.
8. How quiet is this dishwasher? It is fairly quiet, rated at 55 dB. It is on par with some of the mid grade domestic or entry grade German brands.
9. What are the shipping dimensions? Unfortunately, Walmart doesn't include the shipping dimensions. The shipping dimensions from the confirmation from Walmart: 38.43" x 30" x 20.71". Weight per Walmart is 134.5 lbs. The unit is fairly compact, however, it does require a SUV or wagon to bring it home. I would recommend using Site-to-Store as the unit I received had no dents/scratches/broken items.
10. Where is this unit made? Per the unit label this model is made in Foshan, China.TNShopper2013
Great value.
I had this shipped from walmart.com to Alaska. It arrived in one piece; no broken wheels, no cracks, dings or dents. Due to the numerous reviews complaining about broken wheels I almost did not order this. When I unpacked it I cut down one side of the box and across the front at the bottom. I looked at how it was packed and cut away at the foam cushion at the bottom and rolled the machine out of the box. In looking at the how this was packed I find it hard to believe the units arrive with broken wheels. I had done prior research and found that Danby tests each machine prior to packaging to make certain the seals are OK. This is the reason the units have water in them upon arrival. I do not let the unit finish the drying cycle. When the last of the water has been released and the drying cycle starts I turn the unit off and turn the water off. I open the door about two inches. The dishes are always dry in about 30 minutes and the water in the bottom evaporated. It takes this long to run the drying cycle. I see no need to pay for electricity for drying when the dishes dry great without it.

I too received a manual that was not helpful.

Even though some of the symbols don't make sense, the cycles starting from the top and going clockwise are in this order:
normal (12 "o'clock"),
intensive (2:00),
economy/light wash (4:00),
rinse and dry only (6:00),
rapid/delicate wash (8:00),
and pre-soak with soap (10:00).
The rinse and dry only setting is the only program that doesn't use soap, so if you've been using this setting with soap it may explain any residue left on your washed dishes.
NOTE: after pushing the power button to on you then have to push the button on the far right also.
This review is for the Danby 8 place setting portable dishwasher.alienmurphy
Great Dishwasher
We love the dishwasher but when it arrived it has a dent on the back rear and deep gouges along the top side of the paint.It had to of happened at the factory because it was totally wrapped and styrofoamed.Walmart gave us a little credit for that instead of having to have the hassle of shipping it back.It was our choice.We could have sent it back but decided to take the credit.But the dishwasher itself is great.We have the same brand washing machine & just love it.Gigi1827
Great price manual needs work
I got it early. Looks fine. The manual was wet and stuck together so I had to get the manual on the net. Manual needs lots of work. Does not tell how long each timer lasts.
It did finally worked just fine after I got the manual online.
It has a spot for rinse cleaner that opens on rinse and the soap opens right on time.
Dishes are clean.
Now I have an old Danby counter top washer for sale. HAR! had it for 14 years so I think it only as about a few months left in it. HAR!GatorDundee
The good and the bad...
I will do the good first since I actually really like this product. The delivery was fast, a day sooner than promised. Good tracking info along the way. It surprises me how well this dishwasher does. Silverware and glasses both come out nearly spotless and I am using dollar store soap in it. It is a little small but I think everyone knows that going in. I have seen other reviews that say you cant really fit pots or pans in it. I have had two 4qt crock pot inserts in one load with no problem.

Now for the bad. As is the complaint with many other reviews mine also came with a broken wheel. I called Danby customer service as soon as I noticed the bad wheel. They were very nice and polite and are sending me out a replacement wheel at no cost, although shipping is to take about 8 weeks.

It is propped up on an old phone book for now, till the new wheel comes. Use it a few times a week and like the performance of the product itself. Just wish I did not have to go through this problem with the wheel and wait for 8 weeks.stldicedealer
great appliance for small family or couples
Only had for about a week so far it works wonders do not use fed ex to ship product as they couse damage to product
Had to send fist one back due to damage when we got the second one it had some minor dents but we kept it anyway so just request a deffernt carrier other than the shipping great productshade9178
Good for small spaces, but there are some caveats.
We love the size and the functionality of the washer, but when it arrived, one of the wheels was busted and unusable. Granted, this may have broken during the delivery, but the other 3 wheels were also pretty frail - to the point that a second wheel collapsed under the weight of the washer when we placed it upright. I was surprised such a heavy unit (weighing over 100lbs) would even arrive with plastic (?!) wheels on. If they could manufacture metal wheels to support the weight of the unit, and package them separately with the unit (not having them already "on" when delivered) that would make more sense. My husband and I had to saw off the remaining wheels to level the unit. It was ironic that the remaining wheels were hard to remove, considering the mediocre quality. Additionally, the salt the machine asks for was hard to find in local stores. I live in Chicago and asked in grocery, pharmacy and even home stores (like Home Depot) and no one had this dishwasher salt product. I recommend buying the salt online for your unit's maintenance.anaramma
Does the job
I bought this because my family moved from a home with a double sink and a dishwasher to a place with neither and much less counter/work space. I thought it would help declutter the kitchen when I don't have the time to do dishes right away. That is exactly what it's done. I fill it with smaller items while I wash larger things in the sink. It is a lot smaller than I was used to but it's workable. It has leaked but I attribut that to the uneven floor. It's sort of a pain to lose use of the sink while Running it since you hook the hose up to the fawcet but you'll have that with portBle machines. The hose is mighty short so you are sure to have to move it on order to run it.Javsmom
Fair quality, very poor shipping!
Despite some pretty bad reviews, I decided to order this dishwasher nevertheless - also due to a lack of alternatives. Our model arrived with a bump in the metal casing. When we turned it on the first time, water came pouring out through two holes on the bottom of the machine right onto our kitchen floor. Expecting a painful and lengthy return process we decided to fix this brand new device ourselves. After an hour the problem became apparent: One of the main tubes was detached from the central pump. Possibly a result linked to careless handling of the shipment that made itself apparent in the bump in the metal casing mentioned above. Since we reattached and clamped the tubing to the pump, the device has been running reliable for a week now. However, the upper cover already cracked due to humidity escaping from the inside of the dishwasher and creeping into the chipboard. The only silver lining on the horizon: The plates are properly cleaned. In conclusion: Don't buy, unless you are desperate.customerofwalmartcom