BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07

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Model HLVA325JP07
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From the #1 Brand in hand vacuums. This hand vacuum comes with a motorized pet head that helps you pick up pet hair without it getting tangled in the brush. Lithium technology gives it powerful suction to help pick up even bigger messes like food and litter and the on-board charging light indicators lets you know when the vacuum is fully charger. Plus, its on-board crevice tool and push in brush give you a deeper level of clean for things like dusting and upholstery cleaning. And, after cleaning, dump the dirt and hair without touching it with the no-mess, easy-empty dustbin and then easily store the unit on its wall mounted charge base to get fully charged.

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07
BLACK+DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum (Pet Purple), HLVA325JP07
Motorized Pet Head with rubber tines helps to power through pet hair
Easily Empty the Dustbin without Touching the Dirt
Lithium Technology for Strong Suction and Long Battery Life
Washable Bowl and Filter for Thorough Cleaning
Clear Bagless Dirt Bowl is easy to see dirt and easy to empty
Pull-out Crevice Tool for hard to reach areas
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Cell Capacity: 2.5Ah
Charge Duration: 16 hrs
Charger: Wall Charging Base
Power Rating: 10.8 Volt
Power Source: Cordless
Suction Power: 21 AW
Uses: Effectively picks up pet hair from upholstery, stairs and car interior

 Customer Reviews

Definitely one of the best hand held vacuums!
I just received the BLACK and DECKER Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum to try and I have to say that I was not expecting the amount of power this little vacuum has! I am very impressed with it. This vacuum comes with a charger, a small brush/crevice tool attachment, a motorized roller attachment, and a wall mount so you can hang it on your wall if you desire. It has a blue light that shines when it is charging and turns off when charged. It is light weight and great for vacuuming up bits of dog or cat food, dirt, fur and crumbs. I used the roller attachment on a rug that my dogs love to lay on. It had dirt from where my husband and kids walked on it and dog fur weaved all into it from one of my dogs are constantly laying on it. While it got the majority of the fur off, it didn't get all but it made a big difference. I am very happy with how well it performed. I also used this in my car and truck to get the dog fur off my seats and carpet and it did great! It has attachments that you can use for getting into small areas or for tougher jobs. The attachment pieces simply slip onto the end of the vacuum nozzle and remove just as easily. The nozzle also has a piece in it that extends out for tough to reach areas. Cleaning the vacuum out is very simple as well. Just depress the button on the top and pull the container off and empty the canister then reattach. It also has a filter that can easily be cleaned as well. This little vacuum is great for the house, car, camper, or tent. The suction is very good for a cordless vacuum and picks up dirt, dog food, leaves, and even bits of small gravel with ease. This little vacuum is definitely a keeper. I charged it overnight with the included ac adapter and used it for about 15 minutes this morning and it is still going strong. This vacuum is sturdy and made very well and is easy to hold. I highly recommend for small jobs where dragging out the big vacuum is too much of a hassle.kesa76
It's a very good product and it does what it says it's supposed to do it got a very long battery life a very easy to empty and queenRichard
Not your Father old dustbuster
I was pleasantly surprised how much more power this little thing has. The suction is great not like the old hand held vacs. that plugged it the cigarette lighter in your car. This is a noticeable improvement. It's lightweight easy to handle and maneuver in tight and hard to reach areas. One of the unique things is nozzle extends out if needed to reach under chairs or car seats. Included is a small attachable brush and a little beater brush that helps to pull out pet hair from carpet or rugs. That attachment is of course made of plastic so I don't think it's made for big jobs like stairs or large rugs. I used it for mostly for upholstered furniture and car seats. It's very handy to have especially when a quick clean up is needed. I pull it out and run over the sofa to make sure there isn't any pet hair on it. Also you can even run over your clothes to get rid of hair or lint. The see through dust bin is easy to empty. The paper filter is recommended to be replaced after 6-9 months. Make sure your check the filter before your first use. Mine was ajar probably during shipping. It has a 2 year warranty and a 30 money back guarantee. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery can be left plugged in so it will be fully charged when it's needed. Also included is a plastic hanger kit which can be mounted close to a 120vac receptacle.MrPete50

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