Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner

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Brand Name Frigidaire
Model FFRA102WAE
Rating ★★★★½ 
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On hot, humid days, Frigidaire's 10,000 BTU window-mounted air conditioner quickly cools a room up to 450 square feet. Ready-Select electronic controls allow you to set the comfort level to your preference, while a convenient temperature-readout displays the set temperature. A full-function remote control allows you to precisely control the temperature and fan speed from across the room. The multi-speed fan features three different speeds for more cooling flexibility and the 6-way comfort control design allows you to easily direct the air where you want it. The washable filter with front, tilt-out access captures dust from the air to keep your air conditioner working efficiently. Plus, low power start-up conserves energy and saves you money. Year after year, Frigidaire is the brand you can trust to keep you cool and comfortable.

Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air ConditionerFrigidaire 10,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air ConditionerFrigidaire 10,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air ConditionerFrigidaire 10,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner
Frigidaire 10,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner
Effortless Temperature Control, 24 hour on/off timer, Energy Saver Mode, Multi Speed Fan, Supplemental Heating Option, Sleep Mode, Remote Control, Washable Filter, Easier Installation with Slide-Out Chassis, Space
Wise Adjustable Panels, Effortless Restart, Clean Filter Alert, Ready Select controls

 Customer Reviews

All in all its a good unit
I purchased this unit for my garage. It does a good job cooling 600 plus sf. Its hurricane season if we lose power I will utilize it elsewhere. Its a win win for my wife and me because I get stay cool when Im tinkering in the garage and believe me summer time in central Florida is Africa hotRichard
Excellent cooling power
Replaced a portable AC with this window unit in what used to be a super hot attic and is now a finished bedroom. We went from barely able to cool down that one room, to cooling the entire upstairs of the house. It's quiet enough to sleep next to, I personally like a steady noise like that when I sleep. It's pulling a lot less power than the portable unit, which is great. Our house is really old (built in the 1800's and only partially up-to-date wiring) and there's no longer a problem with the lights dimming for a second downstairs when the AC kicks on upstairs. I look forward to seeing the next power bill.Inannah
positive, very pleased
When ordered it had a 2 day delivery time but that was changed to about 10 days probably due to virus issues. It actually arrived 2 days before. It's dimensions matched the listing and it fitted into my opening perfectly. Works great and is especially appreciated right now. Good job Wallmart.Bennett

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