Haier 2.6 Cu. Ft. Portable Electric Vented Dryer, HLP141E

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Brand Name Haier
Model HLP141E
Rating ★★★★☆ 
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The Haier HLP141E Portable Electric Dryer is the perfect small laundry appliance you need for your apartment, RV, or tiny home. The unit is wall mountable, so it takes up as little space as possible. It only needs a 120 volt outlet and a hookup to external venting to get going. There are three time cycles as well as five different time settings. This dryer also has a temperature sensor designed to know when clothes are dry. It ends your cycle to save energy and protect your clothes from under or over drying.

Haier 2.6 Cu. Ft. Portable Electric Vented Dryer, HLP141EHaier 2.6 Cu. Ft. Portable Electric Vented Dryer, HLP141EHaier 2.6 Cu. Ft. Portable Electric Vented Dryer, HLP141E
Haier 2.6 Cu. Ft. Portable Electric Vented Dryer, HLP141E
Precise electronic controls provide you with precise control of your appliance, giving you the confidence that it will perform as selected and provide optimal results. LED indicators show the operating status of the machine
The temperature sensor automatically determines when clothes are dry, then ends the cycle to save energy and protect clothing by minimizing the potential for over-drying
Wall mountable means the dryer takes up no floor space. Instead, it mounts on the wall and can be placed above a portable washing machine. The dryer is supplied with the necessary mounting brackets to make installation easy
Electronic controls with 3 auto Dry cycles, timed Dry cycle, 5 timed Dry settings

 Customer Reviews

Nice dryer!
Okay, it doesn't dry as fast as a regular sized dryer, but you knew that. Right? I'm telling you, for small loads, this thing is great! Highly recommended for single persons living in an apartment.
The site to store people at Walmart were really friendly. One dude even helped me load the dryer into my truck! I'm not sure what more I could ask for at this price point.
The lint filter is a bit odd, but if you are patient and keep it clean, you will have no worries.
Set this baby on auto dry and relax while it dries. Rejoice; you are no longer hauling your clothes to that filthy, expensive Laundromat. This dryer will pay for itself in no time.DryerMan
Great little machine
This is a great dryer and I love the fact I don't have to go to the laundromat anymore. I have a small apartment and this works for me. Only had it for 1 week but can say I'm very happy with it. I got a cart to put it on because all the buttons are on the bottom and didn't want to put on the wall. The cart I put it on is on wheels so you can move it and the wheels lock. I all so got the indoor venting unit. That works great. Love it.Crosstrek
The perfect compliment to the washer
I really appreciate having this dryer to go with my portable washer. It does take longer than a regular dryer to dry, but I can't really fault it for that as it clearly says this may happen in the product description. After about 2-2.5 hours my clothes come out completely dry. Occasionally an item or two is a little wrinkly from lack of high heat, but I'd still wear it or it could be ironed. The capacity works just fine with whatever I wash in my 1.46cu foot haier washer. Compared to a normal dryer this may dry 1/2 to 3/4 of what a regular dryer could, but again I've had no problems getting anything I want in the dryer. Maybe my clothes could dry in less time; I always just let the dryer decide by putting my clothes in and hitting start, not the timed drying options. It's currently venting straight into my living room. This does make the room a bit noticeably warmer/moister, but its winter and I like it. No one has thought it wasnt manageable yet. In the summer I'll vent it out a window. I can't really imagine having to hang dry everything so I love this dryer. Pretty interested to see how much my electric bill will go up from it, it doesn't say anywhere that I can see.Allnamesaretakennoneleft

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