Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, UH74210

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Brand Name Hoover
Model UH74210
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Hoover PowerDrive Pet Upright Vacuum with powerful Swivel Steering and an Advanced Action Brush Roll, tackles deep down embedded dirt and effortlessly reaches those hard-to-clean areas. This vac features swivel steering, allowing you to get dirt in the toughest places. Comes with a large empty dirt cup with multipurpose pet tools.

Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner,  UH74210Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner,  UH74210Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner,  UH74210Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner,  UH74210Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner,  UH74210Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner,  UH74210
Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner,  UH74210
Swivel Steering - Effortlessly maneuvers around furniture and into tight spaces with ease
Advanced Action Brush Roll - Engineered to tackle deep down embedded dirt and reduce hair wrap
Multi-Floor Cleaning - Turn the brush roll ON for optimal cleaning on carpet and OFF to prevent scattering of debris on hard floor
Extra Large Capacity Dirt Cup - A large easy empty dirt cup means less emptying for a more convenient clean
Multipurpose Pet Tools - Reach and remove stubborn dirt and pet hair with the tools you need for a whole home clean
Quick Release Cleaning Wand - Easily transition from carpet to above floor cleaning with uninterrupted suction
About the Hoover Brand
Simple. Clean. Living. For more than 100 years, HOOVER® has been committed to improving the well-being of people’s homes. The first ever Hoover innovation was an electric suction sweeper that used a pillow case to capture dust and allergens. And to this day, Hoover continues to develop simple-to-use products that enhance the cleanliness, the comfort and the health of people’s homes. Because when your home is at its best, so are you.

 Customer Reviews

Excellent suction and collection of both large and fine soils
I am very, very pleased with this sweeper. I purchased it for a home that had not had a good and proper vacuuming in a long while. What most attracted me to the prospect of purchase are the low weight and compact lines of this sweeper: it now lives very comfortably in said home in a shallow closet when not in use. Excellent cord length. Very good pickup on hard floor, only certain kinds of material (very fine rice flour in this example) required a few more passes than usual for collection on a hard floor with the brushroll deactivated. Amazing pickup on carpets: a high volume mixture of both fluffy environmental dust and fine sandy matter were successfully collected in less than 10 passes on a plush master bedroom carpet that had never received a proper cleaning by sweeper. Both carpet and hard floor were left visibly fresher after vacuuming. WindTunnel design makes pickup on hard floor that much faster. Excellent suction when using the upholstery brush at the end of the metal wand. The hose stretches decently when using the wand or handle modes for handheld pickup before tip over poses a problem; ultimately a minor gripe, but I feel better carrying the vacuum by the canister handle to prevent tip over in this mode, but I also feel that tip over risk is lower than other sweepers in its class.
The aesthetic of the vacuum is very cute, charming even. User-serviceable parts all easy to access if need be (filters, brushroll belt etc). Operation is surprisingly quiet in my opinion.
I am quite pleased with this little sweeper as it really is a pint-sized powerhouse! Funny enough, I can say that I look excitedly to what will hopefully be years of service to come from it.
Pictured: Day 1 matter collection in the dust cup from both hard and carpeted floor.Sweeper_enthusiast444
Professional house cleaner. Vacuum of choice!!!!
I'm a professional house cleaner. I've used every Dyson, Shark, and Miele produced in the last 5 years. THIS is the vacuum I choose for my personal use. It is AMAZING. I just upgraded from a previous wind tunnel air to this one for the steerability. It goes under furniture that no other vacuum will reach. Going from hard surfaces to rugs/carpet is a breeze! Switching from floors to hose is easy and seamless. The reach of the hose for high spaces (cobweb corners, light fixtures) and hard to reach places (behind dressers, appliances) is unmatched. This vacuum is so lightweight that if you have any hand/wrist issues (arthritis, carpal tunnel) this is the one for you. And for the rest of us, it moves so easily one handed, that vacuuming isn't even a chore! And the POWER!!!!! The air will pull up more dirt than you want to think is in your carpets. You can see massive amounts of dust and debris in the easy to empty canister. Stuff doesn't get stuck in the canister sides like with some others. The filters are simple to clean. Th Hoover windtunnel air works better than ANY other vacuum on the market and for less than a quarter of the price!!!! I'm so obsessed with this vacuum!!!!! Not sponsored. Just a cleaning nerd. But hey, Hoover, call me. *wink*Katiescleanings
The best vacuum!
I love this Hoover vacuum!!! I replacement my Hoover older model, I think bought 10 or 11 years ago, so Hoover is an amazing and durability brand, I read a excellent reviews about this model and know i can said is the best vacuum ! it's so light weight, great suction, super easy to carry up and down the stairs, It's easy to empty, also love how it works on multiple flor surfaces and textures, it rolls and sucks from my living room carpet to my tile kitchen with ease, I'm mommy of 4, so I need vacuuming every single day, and this vac help me a lot! The attachment are great for reaching in between couch cushions and for tight areas, is super easy vacuuming my mattress, my blinds and my ceiling fans too. I just love it!!! I would definitely recommend this vacuum!AbbyRo

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