Libman Wonder Mop

Brand Name Libman
Model 02000
Rating ★★★★½ 
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The Libman Wonder Mop has been designed with a superior ability to clean while efficiently managing water and preventing bacterial growth, so you can get your home as clean as possible. Extra wide microfiber strips help it to pick up more dirt than standard mops, making it an ideal solution to your cleaning needs. To manage moisture, it is made with a patented wringer sleeve that locks in place while deep grooves and holes allow water to drain quickly. The Libman mop is even fitted with a steel handle that has a hanger hole, making it easy to store when not being used.

Libman Wonder MopLibman Wonder MopLibman Wonder MopLibman Wonder MopLibman Wonder MopLibman Wonder MopLibman Wonder MopLibman Wonder MopLibman Wonder MopLibman Wonder Mop
Libman Wonder Mop
This absorbent ceramic tile mop is suitable for hard-surfaced floors including laminate, vinyl, marble and stone so you have versatility in where you use it at. The slim handle is simple to grip as you work too for comfort. This Libman Wonder Mop is lightweight, so you can move it around the floor smoothly.Libman Wonder Mop:Patented wringer locks in place, deep grooves and holes wring more water3 times wider strips will lift and lock dirt
Libman cleaning mop is ideal on wood and laminate, vinyl and linoleum, ceramic tile, marble and stone
Full length microfiber grip strips lift 20% more dirt
Care: can be machine washed up to 50 times
You Save : $9.21Best Price

 Customer Reviews

blown away by this mop....the cleaning power.....out of this world.....cleans without having to go back and forth with force.....and it wrings out with ease.....when you wring the mop ...also the dirt all goes with it....just after one rinse and makes mopping a breeze ....and with a extra nice won't find a better mop.... definitely you will throw out the mop bucket....this wringing action also gets the mop ...not to smell like a foul order after you use it ....then it washes with ease....again the mopping experience is fast and again ...cleans far better than any mop I ever owned.....I'm sold on this brand for lifeJoseph
out of this world
i just got this today,and let me tell ya.this put,s swifter to shame.i love the way the mop glides on the floor and get,s the corner,s i miss.swifter does,nt do that.i highly recommend this product along with the broom.that works great to and,an added bonus,dustpan-good size toochase
Easy, even for my hands
I have long used this brand and style of mop, and I don't need a mop anymore on the RV, but at the house, I always kept a bottle of cleaning solution in a big 97ยข spray bottle from Walmart and I'd spray the hard floors down, use the damp mop to go over it, and a bucket of clean water to rinse. It was so easy and effective that way. I have disabled hands and even I can use this mop. I purchased one this time to send to a friend. She loves it, too.JackAndBoB

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