Magic Chef 2.0 cf Topload Washer White

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Brand Name Magic Chef
Model MCSTCW20W5
Rating ★★★★½ 
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For limited-space areas and small loads, the Magic Chef Compact 2.0 cu. ft. Top Load Washer is a lifesaver. You can easily set your desired wash cycle using the electronic controls with LED display. Choose from 6 wash cycles, 3 water level settings and 3 temperature settings to accommodate a variety of fabrics. Equipped with a variety of convenient features, it includes a soft-close lid with a glass viewing window, stainless steel inner tub, detergent dispenser and auto delay start. Perfect for anywhere you need to save space, it makes a great choice for apartments and vacation homes.

Magic Chef 2.0 cf Topload Washer WhiteMagic Chef 2.0 cf Topload Washer WhiteMagic Chef 2.0 cf Topload Washer WhiteMagic Chef 2.0 cf Topload Washer WhiteMagic Chef 2.0 cf Topload Washer White
Magic Chef 2.0 cf Topload Washer White
LED digital display allows you to easily select your wash cycle6-cycle washer features heavy, gentle, normal, rapid, and soak options
Choose from 3 temperature choices: cold, warm, and hot water
Automatic shut-off after the cycle end signal for added convenience
Rollers make it easy to move and relocate washer
Pulsator generates strong and weak water flows for an even wash
Water pump filter captures and collects debris from easy maintenance
Includes quick-connect system to connect the washer to your faucet
Color: Graphite/White
Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.7 x 22.2 x 37.0 inches
Weight: 77.2 pounds
Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty
You Save : $380.79Best Price

 Customer Reviews

Super clean clothes amazing washer!!!
We recently moved into a new house and we needed to purchase a machine that wouldnt break the bank as we were furnishing a whole house. This machine is a good size and fits in our bathroom. We put this in our bathroom which has a laundry station. I have a washer hook up and I used the 2 hose that were provided to hook it up. It was very easy to set up and install. It took me about 10 minutes total from screwing on the screen on the bottom to hook up. The instructions were very clear. There are many cycles to chose from and it even washes with hot and warm water which I love. The drum is big and can easily fit a king size blanket by itself or a king sheet and pillow set with a top sheet and duvet cover. I even washed a 5x7 area rug with ease. Its a great washer and clothes come out very clean. I dont use a lot of detergent. The clothes come out 90% dry. The machine is quiet even when its in its last spin cycle if the machine is level and is not filled completely to the top. I also evenly distribute clothes and the machine is barely a whisper. Maintenance is easy as mine is hooked up but also on a little cart so I can clean under and around the machine. Its pretty big and you can get a decent size load done. Perfect for a mid sized family. We use it every day. At a little over $300 this is a blessing and a steal especially during these times with Coronvirus. We are so happy with this purchase. I had low expectations but this is the perfect size and washes so well. Thanks Walmart I saw the same model for $150 more on other sites.Mina
Great quality washing machine
This machine is amazing, it does comforters and heavier clothing!!, something my smaller washing machine could not do. It is bigger than most portable washing machines and smaller than the conventional ones, it fits in my closet when I don't need to use it and my closet isn't very big. I also love the gray and black Aesthetic it matches my stainless steel appliances( if I do choose to leave it out) compared to my previous white machine. The machine itself has a tray to pull out to put your detergent pods and fabric softener(I usually just throw the pods or detergent in with the clothes , and there are many different wash, rinse, spin options, my clothes are dry in the matter of a few hours if I let them air dry compared to almost a whole day.Antoinenyc
An amazing washing machine to plug onto the sink
This is an amazing washing machine. For about $300 the value that you're getting is unbelievable. It actually looks quite big when you get it and it's quite deep. The washing quality is really good it's high-powered. It's so easy to plug right onto the sink with the adapter that already comes with it. I love it how it has the settings for quick which takes about 25 minutes just like a laundromat would. It's very easy to use. It looks really nice. And Walmart has really good customer service.JohnnyJersey

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