Magic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, White

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Brand Name Magic Chef
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Complete your laundry setup with the Magic Chef Compact Electric Dryer (2.6 cu ft). Its compact, space-saving design makes it just right for apartments, dorms or even RVs. It features a PTC heating element for thorough drying as well as a control knob for timed operation and a color-coded guide. With Sensor Dry and Eco options, this white electric dryer is energy-efficient and gives off an audible signal when the cycle is finished. There is even a heat-free air-dry function for refreshing and de-wrinkling garments. Watch clothes through the clear door window as they tumble in the durable steel drum. The Magic Chef electric dryer plugs into a standard electrical outlet and is also wall-mountable, making it easy to install.

Magic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, WhiteMagic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, WhiteMagic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, WhiteMagic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, WhiteMagic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, WhiteMagic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, WhiteMagic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, White
Magic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, White
Magic Chef 2.6 cu ft Compact Electric Dryer, White:Compact dryer with 2.6 capacity accommodates up to 9 lbs. of clothing
Uses a standard 110V outlet, eliminating the need for special wiring
Can be placed on a countertop or wall-mounted to save space
High-quality positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating element
Stainless steel tub provides durability
See-through window lets you monitor clothes as they dry
Sensor Dry button and Eco button for more efficient drying performance
Magic Chef electric dryer has an easy-Set control knob for convenient timed drying
Timer settings offer versatile drying options
Air-dry (no heat) option to freshen your clothes
End-of-cycle signal lets you know when drying is complete
Filter to capture lint

 Customer Reviews

Love it!
Love It! No more laundry mat. I have a portable washer as well. Takes a little longer to dry then big dryers but not a problem once you figure out the settings. It doesn't need to be runngin on hot setting constantly it's actually better if you don't. I keep it on normal mode with the sensor dry off only because I put it onto the hot setting for like +/- 20 minutes and then let it kick into the medium heat mode. If you run it on hot all the time then you will need to keep the sensor dry on. Otherwise it will over heat and kick off till it cools. Hence the sensor dry button. Medium is plenty of heat. Like all dryers depends on what you are drying, heavy stuff takes longer, light stuff less. It's mounted on the wall in my closet vented into an indoor vent. It's totally paid for itself and worth it. Lint trap is strange but effective just keep it clean and buy extra replacements. Mine tends to get a little loose once the dryer warms up so I put a little electrical tape around were it mounts on the back of the drum and it's fine. I've found a hand vac or a lint brush works great for cleaning the lint trap without messing up the filter. Doesn't jack my power bill.Kryton
Best purchase ever!!!
Best purchase ever!!!! I tested the dryer two times with 2 loads and I am so glad that I did this purchase. My loads dried in about 40 minutes!!! Boom!!! I never expected that. I started the cycle in the 200 and by 160 -140 (remaining time) the clothes was literally like a warm soft towel jus dried and ready to snug haha. I made a purchase of the washer couple months ago and now my set is complete! Totally WORTH the money. Give it a try! Ps: I recommend buy the rack too and you will have a nice complete set. Also, I place them inside of a unused shower to take advantage of the hooks and the drain to make them more easy the tube goes directly to the drain, I added also a base to sit the washer to avoid vibrations if is the case.Prl
No more laundromat visits!
This is a strong little dryer perfect for my one-bedroom condo. To make the vent work for me, I purchased an aluminum coil tube from a local hardware store as well as aluminum tape to secure it to the small oblong shaped attachment provided. I have it venting out through a window. This little dryer can dry a load of three pairs of jeans a couple of tops and some undergarments in 20 minutes if the manual knob is turned to the red heat section. I am using my smart phone timer to monitor the end of the dry cycle as I don't want to leave it on for 160-200 minutes! I wish I would have bought this sooner! It's impressive!nfrantz
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