MAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 pack

Brand Name MAM
Model 3184-012-0-1
Rating ★★★★★ 
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Keep your toddler calm with a binky that you will both love. The MAM Camo Pacifier was developed by leading dentists and developmental psychologists to provide maximum comfort and style for babies 16 months and older.* MAM pacifiers feature an innovative nipple designed to promote healthy oral development so you can soothe your toddler with confidence. Older babies will love latching onto the soothing pacifier nipple that, with the help of a built-in air channel, naturally flattens and extends when sucked, mimicking a human nipple during breastfeeding. All MAM pacifiers are orthodontic, featuring a symmetrical nipple that fits perfectly in baby's mouth at any angle. MAM's medically engineered nipples all feature life-like, SkinSoft textured silicone that feels more natural, just like mom. With multiple pacifier shapes and shield sizes to pick from, MAM nipples are easily accepted by babies of all ages, with 94% nipple acceptance among babies tested.** Microwave disinfection is proven effective in killing common household germs and bacteria. Pacifiers kept in the closed box will remain disinfected for up to 48 hours: Fill pacifier case with water. Place pacifier in the pacifier case with the nipple facing down. Follow pacifier package instructions for microwave setting. Cool completely before use. *Developed with the International Children's Medical Research Society. **Market research 2010-2019, tested with 1,463 babies.

MAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 packMAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 pack
MAM Camo Pacifier, 16+ Months, Unisex, 2 pack
COMFORTABLE SHIELD - These cute pacifiers for toddlers are fun and functional. The curved shield with wide openings keeps older babies comfortable and allows skin to breathe. SILICONE NIPPLE - The BPA-free silicone nipple is a signature MAM pacifier design, with silky Skin
Soft material and a symmetrical shape that's ideal for jaw and teeth development. SELF STERILIZING CASE - Add water and pop into the microwave to sterilize MAM pacifiers in just 3 minutes. No separate sterilizer means fewer baby items to take on the go! SYMMETRICAL SHAPE - Worrying about turning baby’s pacifier over and over for the right fit is a thing of the past with a binky from MAM. Always right-side up and fuss free. PRODUCT DETAILS - MAM Camo Cute Pacifiers, 2 pack, 16+ Months Pacifiers, Unisex, Baby Pacifier Case, Includes 1 Sterilizing Pacifier Holder Case

 Customer Reviews

My sons favorite!!
All of my children have loved MAM products. I had never heard of MAM until I had my first baby and entered a contest to win the new glow in the dark ones. I received them and it was magical, he instantly stopped crying and actually slept all night. (He was only 3 months old) this was around Christmas of 2014! They refuse any other brand. My 2 year old is hooked on the pacifiers and will walk around with two so he can tap the nipple of the second one on the outside of the one in his mouth. It's a soothing thing but we must always keep at least 3-4 MAM pacifiers around. (We have probably 15+)Jennifer3828
My favorite pacifier brand
I love the mam pacifiers. They are the only pacifier my daughter liked when she was first born and still likes. She is very uninterested in most unless she just wants to chew on the sides due to teething. Mam pacifiers are easily breathable with different kinds as well and comfy against the baby's mouth. She is breastfed with occasional bottles and loves the nipple shape of the pacifiers as well as the bottles. The camo pacifiers are cute because they come in traditional camo colors, girl colors and boy colors for a variety to choose from as well. Overall hands down my favorite pacifiers.Callie461
Best pacifiers!
I've been using Mam pacifiers for a while now. I used them with my first baby as she would not take any other brand. She is 5 now and obviously doesn't use them anymore but I just had another baby so I bought several packs again. My 3 month old now only takes MAM. She will not take any other brand so I recently got 2 more packs of the glow in the dark pacifiers. It's easy to find them at night when she accidentally spits them out!Miirie

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