MAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 pack

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The MAM Newborn Essentials "Feed & Soothe" Set - everything new parents and growing babies need. At MAM we work with medical experts to anticipate your baby boy or baby girl’s needs from day one. This set includes two 5 oz anti-colic bottles with Slow Flow nipples, two 9 oz anti-colic bottles with Medium Flow nipples, and two lightweight Start Pacifiers. The Start Pacifiers, specially designed for newborns 0-2 months old, have an orthodontic SkinSoft nipple that feels natural and supports jaw development. Whether you’re using baby formula or expressed breast milk, MAM bottles will support you every step of the way. Our Easy Start Self-Sterilizing Anti-Colic Bottle is the perfect fit for newborns, specially designed to minimize colic symptoms while feeding. The innovative vented base allows for an even drinking flow, helping to reduce colic for 80%* of babies. Each MAM Anti-Colic Bottle is self-sterilizing, making them suitable for feeding your baby when you don’t have a bottle sterilizer on hand. Simply add water and pop in the microwave for three minutes. The bottle is made from BPS and BPA free materials and the removable bottom makes clean-up a snap. Perfect for your registry or baby shower! Dishwasher safe. *Field study, Austria 2011, tested with 73 mothers of colicky babies / Market Research, USA 2010, tested with 35 mothers of colicky babies. **Market research 2010–2018, tested with 1,383 babies.

MAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 packMAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 packMAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 packMAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 packMAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 packMAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 packMAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 packMAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 pack
MAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set, Unisex, 6 pack
START OFF RIGHT - Everything your little one needs in the first months of life: anti colic bottles for babies 0+ months and 2+ months and Start newborn pacifiers for 0-2 month old babies. ANTI-COLIC - Our vented base design reduces colic symptoms in 80%* of babies, eliminating bubbles that cause gas and aggravate colic and reflux symptoms. SOFT NIPPLES – 94%** of babies accept Skin
Soft™ Nipples. The symmetrical shape of the orthodontic nipple feels just like mom and supports healthy jaw and teeth development. EASY CLEAN - No need for a separate bottle sterilizer: MAM bottles self-sterilize in the microwave in 3 minutes, meaning less baby stuff to take on the go. PRODUCT DETAILS - MAM Newborn Essentials "Feed & Soothe" Set includes: two 5-oz anti-colic bottles with 2 Slow Flow silicone nipples, two 9 oz anti-colic bottles with 2 Medium Flow nipples, & two 0-2 Month pacifiers with orthodontic nipples
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One set fits all!
This set was mailed to me for free to try. I love that there was a little bit of everything in the pack. It really gave my son and I the flexibility to try out a lot of what MAM has to offer for feeding options and find what he needs at his current developmental stage. I love that the set provides you with multiple different nipples so you can get the right flow for your baby. The bottles are so easy for my little one's chunky hands to hold, but the handle attaches easily to both bottle sizes as well. In fact, the best part is that all pieces are interchangeable no matter the size. These bottles allow you to clean in all the hard to reach areas as they easily come apart. They can even be sterilized in the microwave with just a few quick steps! The sealing disks work great to keep milk from spilling, however I have never had an issue with milk spilling without them. I highly recommend this set for new parents!Jonesmomma
These are the only bottles he will take!!!
We love these bottles!!! They are amazing!!! Great for colic!!Mellisa
What a great bottle!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this bottle to review through the weeSpring Parent Panel. I had been using Playtex drop-ins prior to receiving this bottle because I wanted something easy to clean. And honestly, this bottle is just as easy to clean! The bottom of the bottle is removable for easy cleaning. My daughter loves the nipple on this. She is breastfed but is given a bottle of breast milk at daycare. This bottle mimics the way that she latches on the breast, which is much nicer than the Playtex nipples, even the breast-like Playtex nipples. The nipple is also similar to their pacifiers, which are the only pacifiers my daughter will use. In regards to anti-colic, I wish I had this bottle to use when she had been going through a colicky stage. However, she has outgrown that stage. So, I can't vouch for that part. However, she did not seem overly gassy after using this bottle. And another neat feature, the cap has measurements in both ounces and milliliters!Amelias Mommy

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