Midea 18" Eight-Place Settings Built-In Dishwasher, Stainless Steel

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Brand Name Midea
Model M18DB9339BB3A
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The Midea 18-inch built in dishwasher comes in a beautiful stainless steel finish and fits under most kitchen cabinets. It has an eight-place setting capacity and silverware basket. The dishwasher features six washing cycles and a one- to 24-hour delay start.ᅠMidea 18" 8-Place Settings Built-In Dishwasher fits more cleaning into a smaller space. Its' smaller size than the overly large dishwasher appliances doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on any force. The Midea 18" Eight-Place Settings Built-In Dishwasher can clean your toughest stains on your most delicate glassware! No more having to sacrifice time and space to get clean dishes, with Midea's energy saving dishwasher, you'll save time and money and still get sparkling clean dishes! The stainless steel finish will give your kitchen an elegant look without breaking bank! The compact size functions just as well as any other dishwasher! Midea is proud of their energy saving home appliances.!

Midea 18" Eight-Place Settings Built-In Dishwasher, Stainless SteelMidea 18" Eight-Place Settings Built-In Dishwasher, Stainless Steel
Midea 18" Eight-Place Settings Built-In Dishwasher, Stainless Steel
Midea 18" Eight-Place Settings Built-In Dishwasher, Stainless Steel:• 8-place setting capacity• Silverware basket holds silverware and utensils for easy cleaning• 6 wash cycles• 1-24-hour delay start• Durable stainless steel interior• Energy saving quality • Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser• Fits under most kitchen cabinets• Dimensions: 20.05"L x 17.20"W x 32.30"H• 1-year warranty
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 Customer Reviews

Very happy with the purchase. Quick delivery, Installation and functioning perfectly. I attached a photo showing the dishwasher located in a small condominium kitchen we recently remodeled. This dishwasher is very quiet, and does a great job cleaning and drying the dishes. This is amazing for the price. Has great features, including a delay. The size of this is perfect -- it can be run every day. Very happy.Ginny
This is an amazing unit at this price!!!!
I normally would never even take the time to post a review but this unit is such a good deal and such a nice unit I decided to take the time to make a quick post. I purchased this unit for an apartment with limited space. Although only an 18" unit, the trays inside are setup very well and there is more than enough room for a full dining set for 4 if put in correctly. When we were looking for a dishwasher I wanted something that was good quality and I didn't have to concern myself with issues or leaks. Although there are few bells and whistles when it comes to the display, everything is extremely easy to use and clean looking on the face of the unit. The unit itself is also very well made. Many of the "cheap" dishwashers that cost nearly twice the price have plastic liners inside that stain and crack. The inside of this dishwasher is made of stainless steel like the higher quality $500+ units. Very impressed with build quality. Last but not least, with 6 cycles plus a dry mode (which the new ones have... some have complained the older ones don't) my dishes come out SPOTLESS and perfectly DRY even when the dishwasher is loaded to capacity! I have never installed anything in my home and I installed this unit myself. I would say 75% of people should be able to install this on their own without calling a plumber if they just follow the directions; it was a fairly straightforward and easy installation. I purchased Walmart's $29.95 warranty which gave me 3 years of additional coverage. All in the unit cost $300 which is was exactly half of the next cheapest unit with mediocre reviews and poor reliability (black&decker). This unit got better reviews so far, and for the price, if it breaks in 4 years I will throw it away and replace it with a new one its so affordable. Don't pass this one up just because Walmart sells it.....DanG
Great buy
Love my new dishwasher. I had it professionally installed which ended up costing more than the dishwasher itself. Operating instructions are a little difficult to understand. Runs quietly, got dishes clean.Sharon
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