NUK PJ Masks Insulated Magic 360 Cup (All Shout Hurray)

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Now your toddler can transition to independent drinking with their favorite team of superheroes with PJ Masks Insulated Magic 360 Cups from NUK. The cups patented WOW! lid technology allows your child to drink from any edge with seals that automatically close when they stop drinking. The cup is 100% leak-proof and spill-proof - GUARANTEED.

NUK PJ Masks Insulated Magic 360 Cup (All Shout Hurray)NUK PJ Masks Insulated Magic 360 Cup (All Shout Hurray)
NUK PJ Masks Insulated Magic 360 Cup (All Shout Hurray)
Drink from any edge, lid automatically seals when child stops drinking Eases transitions from toddler to an adult cup 100% leak-proof, spill-proof and break-proof guaranteed Insulated to keep drinks cool longer Only 3 pieces for easy cleaning Decorated with fun PJ Masks designs Assembled in USA BPA-free and dishwasher safe For 12m+ 9 oz Available in boy and girl designs Note: Performance guaranteed under normal use
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 Customer Reviews

Better than Munchkin 360 IMO
Love these cups! I think they are better than the munchkin 360 because they are insulated and the top design is so much better.SmoothieLover
Cold, leak-proof, easy to use! NUK 360 Insulated C
I'm the mom of an independent, 18 month old toddler. She has wanted to "do it herself" and be like a "big girl" since a very young age. The 360 sippy cups helped her to do that. She felt like she was drinking out of a real "big girl" cup. As she has gotten older, a problem has emerged with the traditional 360 cups. Her drinks just aren't staying cold enough. This is especially a concern for me since she has transitioned to drinking cow's milk. Enter the NUK Insulated Magic 360 cup! This cup has a double wall insulation that keeps drinks cold for long periods of time. This cup performs up to my standards. I put some cold water from my fridge into the cup and got ready for the day. About an hour later, it was still cold like it came
from the fridge. The claim that it keeps liquids cold for up to 6 hours may be a stretch. I started to see a difference in the temperature after a couple of hours, but this is typical for cups of this nature. It will definitely help keep liquids cool during the hot weather, and that is the ultimate goal. I do have to say, most of my 360 cups leak when left upside down for a long period of time. My daughter threw her cup and it landed upside down in the back of my car today. When returning to our car after our lesson (at least an hour), nothing had leaked! A++ for that! Thanks so much to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product to review.ToddlerMama18

my daughter loves it . keeps water coolrimz

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