O-Cedar Fast N Easy Broom with Dust Pan

Brand Name O-Cedar
Model 134363
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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Maintain your indoor floor surfaces with this O-Cedar Broom. It's ideal for removing dirt, dust and debris from high-traffic areas. The angled head design allows you to reach into corners easily. This eco-friendly floor cleaning broom comes with a long handle that eliminates the need for crouching down. The bristles and the attached block are made from recycled plastic. You can use it to remove particles from hardwood, linoleum, tile and marble flooring. This O-Cedar Broom comes with a dust pan that's made of high-quality materials that snaps onto the handle for convenient storing. Use it to help keep your home clean.

O-Cedar Fast N Easy Broom with Dust PanO-Cedar Fast N Easy Broom with Dust PanO-Cedar Fast N Easy Broom with Dust Pan
O-Cedar Fast N Easy Broom with Dust Pan
O Cedar Fast 'n Easy Broom with Dust Pan:Ideal for hardwood floor cleaning, and other indoor surfaces like linoleum, tile and marble
Eco-friendly with bristles made from 80% recycled plastic and a block made from 50% recycled plastic
Features a handy dust pan that attaches to the handle for convenient storage
Angled head design of broom reaches easily into corners
Broom with dust pan removes dirt, dust and debris Suitable for maintaining high-traffic areas
Color: red

 Customer Reviews

Quality a room and dust pan.
This is a quality broom and dust pan. Dust pan fits on the broom handle so you can keep track of it. I like the angled broom. Would buy again.Joan
it's great except for the dustpan
love this broom and it came way early but unless you have a better dustpan the dustpan that comes with this is terrible cuz it doesn't have the rubber piece on the end it's just plasticLaura
Not as expected
The broom is okay but the dust pan stinks! It's hard plastic and isnt straight soo when youre sweeping up a pile of dirt it goes underneath the dust pan, not happyMolisha

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