O-Cedar Light 'N Thirsty Cloth Mop Refill (Pack - 4)

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Brand Name O-Cedar
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The refill for light 'n thirsty cloth mop is extremely absorbent and holds over 200% more liquid versus cotton. The non-woven rayon/polyester material is lint free. There is no raveling or break-in.

O-Cedar Light 'N Thirsty Cloth Mop Refill (Pack - 4)O-Cedar Light 'N Thirsty Cloth Mop Refill (Pack - 4)O-Cedar Light 'N Thirsty Cloth Mop Refill (Pack - 4)
O-Cedar Light 'N Thirsty Cloth Mop Refill (Pack - 4)
This mop refill is made of a super absorbent cotton blend
Easy to install, simply twists onto your Light 'N Thirsty pole like a lightbulb
Very lightweight and easy to use
Machine washable up to 50 times
Reusable up to 6 months

 Customer Reviews

Easy to use, light weight and I can squeeze the water out even though I have arthritis in my hands. Drys easyBetty
Best mop in the world.
I have used these for years and I love them. They are made of an absorbent material that doesn't just smear the water around like microfiber. They kind of glide along where microfiber puts up some resistance so it actually takes more effort to push a microfiber mop around. They are also excellent for washing the outside of a car., especially for us height challenged ladies who can"t reach halfway across the top of a car to do it with a cloth. But only do this with an O-Cedar. Some copycat mops have sharp areas where the mop attaches to the handle that can scratch the car paint. These make the job go much faster. I am surprised that you can"t seem to find them in the local stores anymore but they are definitely worth ordering.
I will always use this O-Cedar Light N Thirsty Mop refill but I do wish that Walmart had the refills at the store as I was without one for over 1 year until I found it on line.Connie

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