O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop

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Brand Name O-Cedar
Model 133582
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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Clean up your messes with the O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop. It's made of blue microfiber strands that easily attract dirt, dust, hair and liquids. For an effective cleaning experience, just use water or vinegar, which eliminates the need for chemicals. The O-Cedar cloth mop is part of the O-Cedar trademark that has been carried on since 1906, making it a dependable addition to your household supplies. It's safe on any hard floor, from hardwood to tile. The mop head can be easily removed to put in a washing machine, and it's safe to wash 100 times. When the mop head has been used to best of its abilities, simply purchase an O-Cedar cloth mop refill. The long, red handle allows you to clean thoroughly without getting on your hands and knees. Whether you are cleaning spilled drinks or you are cleaning up after a pet, do it with this super-absorbent mop. 

O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth MopO-Cedar Microfiber Cloth MopO-Cedar Microfiber Cloth MopO-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop
O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop
O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop:Eco-friendly
Chemical-free cleaning
Absorbent strands Microfiber attracts dirt, liquids, dust and hair Machine washable up to 100 times Classic O-Cedar cloth mop
For use on hard floors Cleans with water and vinegar
Detachable mop head
Easy to use 

 Customer Reviews

Great find.
I received the O-Cedar MicroFiber Cloth Mop for free in exchange for an honest review. What a great find. I am not able to physically clean my floors, so I have someone come in once a moth to do detail cleaning. The rest of the time, I just run a damp mop over my vinyl floors. However, they never seem to be quite clean enough to suit me. With the O-Cedar MicroFiber Cloth Mop, damp mopping is a breeze. The mop is easy to use. It is so light weight. This mop picks up everything. Any stains on the floor are easy to wipe up and the mop is so easy to manipulate. It's like using a soft cloth without having to get down on my hands and knees. I was anxious to show it to my cleaning lady. She raved about it and wanted to know where I got it, so she could get one for her cleaning business. It really made e feel good that she liked it so much. It did such a good job, that she is skipping the detail cleaning this month. Being on a fixed income, but unable to do my own cleaning, that really has helped me considerable. Thanks Spark Reviewer for something that I didn't realize I needed and would be so beneficial.lmj0322
Great On Wood Floors..!
I'm a cleaning queen and once I find something I REALLY like I stick to it like glue. I use to be committed to sponge mops since I thought they were everything and more, but once they became old, cleaning them was a task itself. I was on a hunt for a new mop and surprisingly this one popped up. I've been told the best type of mops for hardwood floors are sponge mops, BOY have I been told wrong..! I swept and vacuumed really good, mopped the whole house and was really surprised by the results. First off, the mop head which has sponge like material in it didn't leave water all over the floor when I went to wring it out which is always a plus. Also, it got up sticky juice puddles instead of brushing right over it. Most of all, my feet didn't feel sticky after the floors dried..! I would most definitely purchase this again and would recommend this to anyone.MzMonica717
Makes mopping a breeze
The O cedar micro fiber cloth mop is very light weight but cleans the floors well. I like that you can wash it and use it over and over again because I hate touching a nasty mop. It soaks up a good amount of water to saturate hard to clean areas. It does not leave the floors streaking or a lot of water on the floors. I can ring it out with my hands easily to damp or hold the amount of water I desire to do the job.jojorenee

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