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Brand Name Sunpentown
Model SD-2201W
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Many people are confused to choose the best dishwasher they want to get. Dishwasher and washing machine are the most reviewed equipment when it comes to household appliances. There are hundreds of brands, models and sizes of dishwashers that are offered in the modern markets in response to the current unprecedented demands. It is Important to know the features of dishwashers before you decide the best dishwasher that you want to buy. You may access internet to have an idea of which particular model is suitable for your needs. Many times reviews are posted in website of manufacturer are not reflecting accurately because their reviews are intended to improve their sales. So, it is better to get reviews from other independents reviews sites.

Spt Countertop Dishwasher is perfect for small-sized kitchens, office kitchens or apartment kitchens. It is designed with excellent features that cover your needs.

Spt Countertop Dishwasher Features :

Durable stainless steel interior and spray arm; 6 wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, soak).
A wise consumer should take special care to maintain the dishwasher in order to enhance its durability. It is important to conduct regular cleaning after the daily use. Residual particles such as food particles or others which may stick to the interior areas of the dishwasher will give impact of health hazards if the cleaning process is neglected. The Spt dishwasher has durable stainless steel interior and spray arm. It will make the cleaning process easy.

Dish rack and silverware basket; up to 6 standard place settings capacity.
It is possible for you to have a convenient stacking arrangement with dish rack and silverware basket. Place setting is the terms to measure the capacity of the dishwasher. With a height of just 17.24-inch, this product can be suitable to be put between most countertop and cabinetry. Spacious space can load up to six settings of standard place.

User friendly controls; automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser.
The Spt Dishwasher is featured with user friendly control panels and automatic detergents and rinse agent dispenser that will let you operate it easily. Programming and automatic working will help you to operate it.

Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection.
The Spt Dishwasher is equipped with faucet adapter. It can be quickly connected to any kitchen faucet cut out the need for permanent installation or direct plumbing. It will not take long time to get the connection even it is so simple and swift.

Energy star certified.
Products bearing the Energy Star label offer countless benefits for their consumers and the environment. Spt dishwasher will help to save the environment by reducing the resources consumed to operate them. Water and energy consumptions are the two important factors in considering the economic viability of the dishwasher. It will be able to cut energy use by 30 percent instead of standard models. Energy is consumed for heating water and for running the machine. It is also saving fifty percent water against the standard models. Environmentalists warn that both energy and water will become scarce and expensive resources in the near future. Even though your pocket you may pay more up front, but buying this a dishwasher typically means more long term savings.

Many consumers like its color and the door design is very simple. No buttons to press before you can open the door or close it. It just needs a simple pull or push to shut it. This is an energy star efficient washer, so it has saved them time and water. It also works very well on counter top, quick release to the water tap is a snap. There is no leak in Spt Countertop Dishwasher found by consumers so far, so it is the best dishwasher that is recommended for you to buy it.

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 Customer Reviews

Love it - why didn't I buy this thing sooner?
I had never heard of this brand before but after reading numerous positive reviews I decided to take a chance, and have not been disappointed. I bought a countertop unit because I was tired of spending almost an hour a day doing dishes for our family of four but wasn't ready to tear up my kitchen cabinets (and lose precious storage space in our tiny kitchen) to install a built-in model. I come from a family where the tradition has been to rinse the dishes almost clean before putting them in the dishwasher, but you really don't need to waste time, water and energy on rinsing with this machine - just scrape off the largest chunks and load. The unit takes hot water from the tap and heats it up further to get the job done effectively, meaning that properly loaded items come out sparkling, with only an occasional bit of food residue.

A few tips/caveats:
1) You'll need to designate a decent amount of counter space (about the size of a large microwave - see photo) within five feet of the sink. I've also heard that some folks use a rolling cart.
2) I have been using Cascade gel detergent, getting best results by filling both the 15 and 25 ml dispenser cups (they're smaller than a regular dishwasher). You can also use powdered detergent or tablets (it even comes with a little clip-on basket for tablets) but I personally have not tried these yet.
3) Proper loading is key - it's a compact space, so you need to load mindfully so as to maximize what you can put in while leaving enough space for the water spray to reach everything. However, once you get the hang of this you should achieve excellent results. Small and medium-sized pots and pans fit in just fine, but if your plates and bowls have a raised "lip" on the edge you'll need to space them so that the water spray can get between.
4) The plastic "quick connector" assembly (which has the water supply and drain hoses attached to it - see photo) is easy to use but you do have to keep the little metal adaptor that it clips to attached to your faucet. Depending on what kind of faucet you have this may look a little weird, but it's a good tradeoff.
5) Like all portable units that connect to a faucet, you can't use the faucet when the unit is running (normal wash cycle is about an hour and a half). Again, I think it's a good tradeoff and if there was no other way to do it I could have happily lived with this, but in the end I decided to plumb the unit to the hot water supply, which is actually quite easy. This involved replacing the rubber water supply hose with a stronger braided steel 6' hose (comes as part of a universal dishwasher hookup kit) that attaches to a brass T-connector that I installed in the kitchen faucet water line - total extra cost about $25. I haven't gotten around to plumbing the drain hose, so for now it's routed into the sink (see photo).

Bottom line: For less than $300 you can get a machine that's efficient, effective and easy to set up and use. Worth every penny, and then some!DoctorRick
Great for RV'ing
Since we plan on doing a fair amount of "dry camping" in our new (to us) RV, we justified a dishwasher as a "water saving device" and ordered this one since it is Energy Star Rated and looked like we'd save water compared to hand washing and rinsing. I took out 3 drawers below our cook top to create a space for this unit.

We've used it on a two month trip now and can say that we couldn't be happier. The plumbing was "easy-ish" since the sink is in the 2nd cabinet to the left of where this ended up. Some additional plumbing pieces for the hot water supply from Ace and the "Vesta DWVBIHK Vesta8482 Dishwasher Hose Kit for Built-In Option" hose kit.Markontheroad
I would recommend this dishwasher in a heartbeat.
I started checking the reviews on this product from Walmart sight and others. I was sure that this was the dishwasher for me. Others were not so sure how it would work. I ordered the dishwasher and was hopeful that it would meet my needs for my husband and I. When I got the dishwasher, I put it to the test. I was so happy that it washed the dishes very well, even without rinsing them first. It even cleaned the really greasy pans. I have washed every dish in my apartment, and I am so pleased with the job it has done. I would recommend this dishwasher in a heartbeat.MightyMoose
about 5 years ago I purchased a Danby countertop dishwasher. I had high hope because I hate doing dishes by hand, the Danby let me down, it did NOT clean the dishes, I ended up selling it for $25 after about 6 months because all it was doing is taking up counterspace.

So I thought I would try again, but wanted to try another brand. I am SIMPLY AMAZED at this dishwasher!
The first load I did I put it on light wash and it did an excellent job! I inspected every dish, and every piece of silverware, and all were sparkling clean! And I bought the cheapest detergent in the store and it still did an amazing job
I highly recommend this dishwasher!!1974star
nice dishwasher makes a happy mom!
No more dirty dishes! This hooked up easily, runs quietly and does a great job. It was larger than I expected. Even holds smaller pots, and with everything else being taken care of, I don't mind doing the larger ones by hand. Wonderful for a small family of three.c3fluter
Excellent results and easy to use.
This machine gives excellent results. There
are many settings (6) to cover needs from fine crystal to baked on foods. It has the basket dispenser for the tablet detergents and a quick connect system to connect to the sink. It is also very quiet. It takes up very little space and could be plumbed into the water and drain if a permanent connection is desired. It holds 6 place setting. I fully
recommend this product for quality and ease of use.Moonliner
I LOVE IT!!!!!
It does the job and does the job well. I can not say how much I love it. I have stage four cancer and sometimes Chemo can do a job on your hands and fingers. I just thought one day, wouldn't it be great if they made counter top dishwashers, went and looked it up and there it was..but then the doubts started. Like why don't we hear about these things. This one had great reviews so that made the decision a little easier. GOOD PRICE For the not so rich. I live in an old house and cabinets back in the day were put down low to be able to reach the shelves and much room on top of cabinet up to ceiling for sitting tall things. So it would not fit on my counter top but then I don't have a lot of counter top anyhow. So started looking for something to hold it. I found a roll around table but Dishwasher was to heavy for it, table sagged and rollers wouldn't hardly roll, so I knew that was not at all safe. I decided to browse what Walmart might have and found a Microwave roll around cart with a wooden top and two shelves, one is a pull out shelf and it would hold up to 250 lbs and it rolls soooo easy and smooth. Between the two...this old lady is One Happy G-ma I run it ever two to three days. The Microwave stand has locks on wheels but don't need them, as this Dishwasher is very well made, VERY VERY Quite, very sturdy, no shaking...again let me end by saying "I LOVE IT" !!!!! Thank YOU Walmart!!!!Spiritnthysky
Very Pleased!
Bought this for my 79-year old mother to have in her apartment. She can hook/unhook the faucet connection with minimal effort. The unit can hold multiple cups, glasses, bowls, saucers, luncheon plates, dinner plates, and silverware (all at one time). Wash cycles are fairly quiet. Easy to load/unload and fill with detergent. Dimensions are stated very accurately. She is thrilled with it; I am glad I bought it.pwk49
Still Getting Used to It
Have only used it a few times now, but so far, I really like it and am glad I purchased it! The hot water has issues, so therefore I'm not sure how it is affecting the dishwasher, but that has nothing to do with the dishwasher so I can't fault it for that. When the little machine is done, the dishes are hot, so I know it's working. Ha ha!Busylife
Countertop Dishwasher
I've been washing dishes by hand for many years due to lack of cupboard space to put a builtin and no area to store a portable. I did have a countertop that could be used so decided to try this unit - I love it. Dishes come out clean, glasses clean but I'm trying to figure how to keep them from clouding thus, for the time being I am washing those by hand. Not good on plastic. My every day dishes are Corelle and I had to figure how to load the dishwasher without using their suggestion. Cups do not fit on the shelf, only very small glasses on the bottom. I use the cup shelf for odd shape utensils.fivechefs

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